Finally found a Deal

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Finally found a Deal

Post by plowboy34 »

2000 Ranger king cab 2WD with a 3.0, engine supposedly junk but the rest of the truck in really good shape. $500, I drag it home and charge battery, engine fires right up but has no oil pressure. So I call the guy up to just make sure what happened with truck, he said he was driving it and suddenly lost oil pressure and fried the engine. Hmm, engine fired right up, so I do some investigating to find the cam position sensor gear stripped which is the same theory as a distributor which drives the oil pump. I'm hoping he didn't toast the engine, it didn't sound to bad. I always hear of everybody else getting these cool deals, hoping I finally got mine..... :D :D
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Re: Finally found a Deal

Post by agapeblues »

Hope it's good...good deals are few and far between.
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Re: Finally found a Deal

Post by Dave »

Some times you step in it and some times you don't! That sensor going out is a very common problem with that motor. Good luck, fingers crossed.
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